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Twin sisters

            This is book is called Twin Sisters by Janice Harrell. The book first takes place in France where one of the sisters is living with her mother, and then takes place in the suburbs of a nice town in California. The Parents of Twins are divorced and they decided that they both wanted to keep one of the children. The main Idea of this story is Liz is trying to find out who killed her twin sister Iz (short for Elizabeth). .
             The two main characters in this book are Liz and Elizabeth (Iz). Liz is Elizabeth's identical twin and is constantly being confused for each other, but there is one feature that is different. Liz's hair has a slightly lighter hair than Elizabeth. Liz lives with her mother and constantly moves all around the world and never gets to make many friend while on the other hand, Elizabeth lives with her father, who is a author, has a lot of friends and considered quite popular. .
             One day Liz receives news that Elizabeth has died and rushes to her father's place in California. It turns out that She has been murdered and the police still don't know who had done it. The summer time is coming to an end and school will be starting soon and Liz doesn't know what to tell Elizabeth's friend because they don't know yet. She decided to take over her sister's life and solve the mystery herself. Everybody thinks she's Iz and doesn't suspect a thing except for one person. They stalk her and even break into her house. She is so traumatized that she tells everybody that she really isn't Elizabeth and they are all shocked and horrified by the news. .
             The whole plot in this book is that Liz is using clues she finds in her sisters room to help her solve the murder case and then Elizabeth's ghost comes back to haunt the house and help her the rest of the way. Liz tries to fool everyone into believing that she's Elizabeth so she can understand her life and maybe who would hate her. It seems like Iz doesn't have any enemies until one night, there was a break-in at her father's place and she suspects that it's a kid at her school.

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