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Mineola Twins

            The Mineola Twins was written by Paula Vogel the play is described by http://newdramatists.htm as a Two-Act Comedy with Multi-environment Set and is about almost-identical sisters Myrna and Myra battle each other through the Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan-Bush years, and through crushes on James Dean to Patricia Ireland. The play takes place in the real life town of Mineola which is on New York's Long Island. It is follows the lives of two sister who, to say the least, are polar opposites. Myra is the rebel with out a cause the girl who hates that the double standard of men towards women, while her twin sister Myrna is looking forward to being a house wife and is looks forward to doing what ever it takes to make her husband happy. In an interview with Allison Moody of Drake university said was quoted as saying, "The underlying theme throughout the production is, regardless of how far the twins part, there is always a connection that binds them together Vogel is making a statement about life in American politics, and the issues that have torn and continue to tear our country apart. Vogel has written the play in such a clever way that we can laugh at ourselves and the choices we have made as a country for the last 50 years. Moody goes on to day, "It is about the extremes people, both conservative and liberal, will go to fight for their side. I think people who approach the play with an open mind will be able to take away many valuable themes to ponder on." Moody, who directed her own performance of "Mineola Twins" at Drake University, could not have described the play in a better way. .
             The Twin sisters start in the "I Like Ike" era and are in high school; Myrna is a prissy girlie girl, who wants nothing more than cooking, cleaning, settling down with a promising young man and raising 2.5 children. Myra is "sleeping" her way through life looking for her James Dean. Myrna is dating an older man and is waiting to graduate to get married and she is waiting for marriage to have sex.

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