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Twins from Hell

             Not only do they share their physical appearances, but also they share their lives. If Corban and Michael were identical twins, their shared lifestyle would rein chaos upon all they would come in contact with. In most cases, twins are seen as being divided into a yin-yang "one good and one evil. Unfortunately, there would be no hope for this awful combination. Both would be overflowing with evil, and the people around them would reap the horrific harvest of a terror unseen.
             This is what would happen if Michael and Corban were identical twins. .
             Corban and Michael were born to Stephen Eric and Whitney. These illegitimate children were born in a cold run-down hotel in Douglasville, Georgia, in 1986. No one knew what to do or what to say to the parents, being that the children were too hideous to be seen with the human eye; they were an ugly brood indeed, and their hearts were more repulsive still. Grief grew in the unfortunate parents until it consumed them, and they knew that they could no longer bare the task of raising such a pair. They wrapped Corban and Michael in swaddling clothes and placed them just inside the town church and fled, abandoning them without any hope for a future. .
             But the children embraced the evil that was wrought upon them and grew in stature and in knowledge. Their vice natures and clever minds led them to violence even at a young age. .
             One day, in the first grade, they started to admire a girl that was almost as evil as she was beautiful. Her name was Erin, and her eyes were fiery like hell with a burning that could pierce the coldest of hearts. They desired nothing more than to sit next to her and bask in her darkness; however, Brandon Lynch, the most upstanding of men, dared to defy powers he knew not of by sitting next to Evil Erin. Jealousy boiled inside the twins, and they both knew what had to be done. Corban grabbed Brandon by the throat and yelled, "How dare you!- But Brandon never had a chance to reply, for Michael speared him to the ground and unleashed a fiendish thrashing upon his innocent face.

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