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Life Sucks

            Why is it that nothing can ever go right? Is it some unwritten law that whatever needs to happen for you to actually enjoy your life or your weekend or even your night that something will automatically happen to fuck it up. You think that you finally have something figured out then all of a sudden.BAM!! It blows up in your face. The entire female race is ridiculous. You can never figure out what in the hell is going through their head. There is never and easy way to anything. Originally the way I planned to live my life is that you wake up everyday expecting to get kicked in the nuts if you don't get kicked in the nuts well then it's a good day. But what is it when everyday it seems like your getting kicked in the nuts.not just by one person but by many. Now of course its not just random people that you haven't ever really met but it's your friends who you thought were going to be there for you forever. Or your parents who just seem not to give a damn anymore. It seems like you live your entire life trying to please everybody else. Well just stop right now. There just going to fuck you over in the end. Now most people spend have there lives looking for the "perfect one" or their soul mate. but theres no hope in finding it. When you think that you do theirs always going to be a time when you doubt your first instinct. Now usually you think about the "perfect girl" and you are probably thinking the Olsen twins, Brittney Spears, or some other Beautiful actress that you don't have a chance in all hell of getting. But eventually you begin to realize that, that isn't what you really want. You want somebody who is more down to earth or more fun to hang out with. In my eyes. And I quote Def Leopard "Love Bites" that sums it up right there. Another quote that I tend to think of a whole lot is that life sucks and then you die. I"m not really sure if I cam up with that one I like to think that I did because I don't recall on ever hearing anybody else ever saying that.

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