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Rude People Suck

             Servers have one of the most stressful occupations in America. People do not understand how awful waiting tables is, unless they are or have been a server. Most people have never been in the server's shoes or walked though a hot kitchen during the peak hours. Everyone should be a server at one point in his or her life, even if it is only for a few months. This way, everyone can fully understand the horror of everyday server life. No one, other than servers, understand the trials and drama that come along with waiting tables like the fluctuation of pay, the over all health dangers of waiting tables, and the frustration of a despicable guest.
             A server does not make much of an hourly wage. They live off tips and tips alone. "You might make 200 bucks one night, and 20 the next night, so most waiters live a kind of hand to mouth kind of existence."(Bierma, par. 7) Not knowing whether you will be able to afford a ninety-nine cent burger or a twenty-dollar meal the next day, can be rather disconcerting. The fluctuating pay also renders it nearly impossible to establish a budget until after the month is over. Paying rent is impossible if you are not aware that you were not supposed to eat anything this month so that you could afford it. Gueilmo states that a server is "Never making more than enough money to pay the rent-(par 10). Though hindsight is always 20/20 it is still good to know your finances before you find yourself using candles as you primary source of light. People do not understand that whatever a server makes in tips is what they have to live off of. Not everyone has been through college and has a degree that gets them a high salary job. Most servers are trying to make it through college or have tried and just decided it was easier to make their money scrapping plates, rolling silverware, and waiting for the workweek to end. This is depressing, but then again, living a life where you do not know whether you are going to eat like a beggar or a king is a depressing life.

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