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Narration Essay - My Life

            There are days of my life when I would opt to live in a soap opera. It isn't that there's more drama than real life but the drama is much better. Soap Operas make tragedy look romantic and fascinating. In real life, tragedy sucks.
             Speaking of soap operas and sucking, one of them had a vampire not too long ago. I think I really missed out, stuck in reality with no vampires. As a younger kid, I watched a soap opera vampire named Casimiro Reyes although I can't remember the soap opera's name. He was kind, sweet, not that good looking, and extremely pale. The latest soap vampire, Caleb from El Beso Del Vampiro in Telemundo 51, was evil, guilt free, tall, well fed and, extremely rich. In other words, they got it right this time.
             Caleb was the ultimate bad boy, but they had him killed off. I want the vampire back. He had large dark eyes (sometimes red) and long dark hair. He loved a young thing named Olivia I think. She killed him with a dagger of some sort in the chest. All relationships have problems I guess. .
             Maybe Soap Opera character's tragedies are glamorous because of their clothes. They dress better then Ken and Barbie dolls. They get dressed up to get killed. In real life, a tragedy can make you forget a bad hair day, not so in the soaps. Soap opera characters go through amnesia, murder trails, and kidnapping with out a hair out of place: curled, teased, and plastered with enough hairspray to endure a war. They make painful diseases look good, lying in a general hospital bed with perfectly applied mascara and blotted lips as two men fight over them. Why can't a heart transplant be glamorous in real life and make all your dreams come true?.

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