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Short Stories essay

            In any text the author or producer/director of the text makes the choice to what angle the reader or viewer is going to receive the text from. This angle relates to the point of view that the text is written in. Point of view is arguably the uttermost important tool in creating an interesting and successful text. The short story "The Man Who Hated Kids" by James Edward Pedersen is written in first person point of view. This type of narration is one of the most powerful ways of encouraging a reader to accept the ideas and values represented by the central character of a text. In comparison, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber utilises third person point of view to provide an insight into the main character's thoughts and feelings within the text. The advantages attached to the conventions of both respective point of views are easily identified, as they significantly contribute to the response I had towards the characters and ideas presented in both texts.
             "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" effectively utilises third person narrative point of view, as it provides the reader an insight into each character's thoughts within the text. This type of narration allows the author to describe the actions occurring in different places throughout the text without being limited to the action that a certain character experiences. Above all else the primary advantage of third person is that it places the reader in a position of knowledge above other characters. The way in which Thurber used this tool conveyed to me the way in which the main character "Walter Mitty" used his imagination to escape from reality in order to become a heroic and accomplished figure in his daydreams, "Captain Mitty looked up from him through tousled hair".
             Third person point of view had a significant influence on the meaning I made in regard to linking the adventures Walter Mitty imagined himself to be in, as I was able to determine the contrast between what was real and what was a fantasy in the mind of "Commander" Mitty.

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