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The elements of a short story The Sentimentality of William Tavener

            In this essay I will discuss the short story "The Sentimentality of William Tavener" by Willa Cather, by defining the elements of a short story. The elements of a short story include; character, setting, plot, tone, and theme. This story is about old western farming couple whose love is brought back to life by a certain memory. .
             In the beginning of this story Hester Taveners character was described by the narrator as a good manager, executive woman, and a quick talker. Hesters personality in this story shaped her relationship with William. William is described as a hard, prosperous, ambitious, determined man with a kind of admiration and respect for his wife. Hester also respects William but she takes a more hand on approach to things where William would just let it go, like the way Hester spends money. William and Hester drift apart over the years because is so proud and out spoken an at the and of the story she realizes that and gain more respect for her sweet, understanding (sentimental) husband.
             Setting .
             This story takes place out west on a farm in a place called McPherson county. In the story when Hester starts talking about her memory she talks about going to a circus in a place called Pewtown so this story probably takes place a while ago in the really old west. Hester Tavener wants her sons to go to the circus because she went as a child. The reason she gives for asking William if the boys can go is because they don't get to see much on the prairie. I believe she's right and it could effect them as adults if they never leave the farm because, eventually they"re going to need to go to the city to for something and they"re going to need to know what to do.
             I believe that the plot of this story is about the way William Tavener responds to Hester Tavener. In the beginning of the story the narrator expresses that in the end William usually acted upon some of Hesters suggestions.

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