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Biography of D. W. Griffith

             Griffith was born in Kentucky, in 1875. His father was a wealthy southern farmer. During the war between North and South, he took the side of the Confederates, after the defeat Griffith's family became poor. In 1882, the year of Griffith's father dies, and after his death is that he is bankrupt. Only one person who supported family was older sister Mattie. She worked as a teacher, and gave Griffith his education. Mattie taught Griffith literature by reading; Charles Dickens, Frank Norris, Alan Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, William Shakespeare. English literature of the period in England, as well as in America, was inspired with Victorian morality, and this affected the later style of Griffith. That's why all his films give the aesthetics characteristic of Romanticism and early realism.
             Sentimentality, all this is very strongly felt in Griffith's work. He always referred to the literature and human psychology. Griffith was one of the first directors who managed capturing the audience's attention. Griffith was the first directors to speak about a character's feeling. Traditionally his name is associated with the birth of cinema art. Early works of Griffith formed and achieved a high level of short films. He is the first real master of the short film in American cinema. But he wasn't only one person who did the short films. For example, in France, in the studio, "Gaumont" works Louis Feuillade, who in the 1910s would be the author's acclaimed series "Fantomas" and "Vampires." Feuillade did parallel work with Griffith in the same area. He also drew attention to the first actor and began to work with him, developing the principles of acting is cinematic. Yet, his work is has repetition in miniature form that made ​​Griffith. Usually Griffith is known as the author of three-hour films as "Birth of a Nation" and "Intolerance." However, these films he made from the middle 1910s. One of the most important contribution were Griffith made was during period of his work at the studio "Biograph", which begins his way into the film industry.

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