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Viva Voce and Identity Crisis

            Our postmodern position entails us to strip everything of definitive value resulting in the increased case of identity confusion. I envision my major work as a postmodern narrative which explores the connection between literature and an individual's changing perception of identity. While literary theory may seem divorced from reality, I believe it can illuminate our tangible struggles with identity. Through my major work, I wish to demonstrate the value of literary theory in articulating this postmodern phenomenon. .
             Since my Viva Voce, my focus has changed completely from the exploration of the Fallen Man in John Milton's "Paradise Lost" to the current investigation of postmodern identity. This transformation owes to the belated discovery of my interests for the psychological realm of our existence. In engaging with Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, a Preliminary Extension 1 text, I related Clarissa's re-evaluation of her position as "the perfect hostess"" to the atonement of her quiescent past. In the context of the redemption of self, Alex Miller's "Autumn Laing" and Kazuo Ishiguro's "The Remains of the Day" contributed to my interpretation of self-imposed change as a means of reshaping one's self thus propelling me toward the investigation of identity. .
             I find form to be particularly important in reflecting the characteristics of postmodern literature, thus my independent investigation was devoted to the study of form. I find I can best communicate my concept through a fragmented narrative comprised within the contexts of modernism and postmodernism. The shifting emphasis from objective reality to subjective experience in the modernist period demonstrated in Mrs Dalloway will be mirrored through a third person limited narration of the experience of a young university student. Alternatively in my second narrative, I will externalize the conflict of an elderly professor's attempt to clarify her identity in a period that entailed the subversion of absolutes through first person narration.

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