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            Have you ever wondered what it is like to lose your identity? How would you feel if you lost all of your social skills, emotions and a sense of who you are? After watching The Bourne Identity, I realized that the worst event that can ever take place is losing my identity; no other identity will be able to take its place. I assure you that no one carries the same traits that my identity carries. Everyone has unique characteristics, but it is the combination of traits that makes my identity mine.
             Although it is very simple and logical to me, I have always thought that no one will ever understand my way of thinking. For example, I do not believe in the concept of religion, yet I do believe in God. I have many arguments to prove my theory, but this is the only issue that people do not want to take time to comprehend. I have confused far too many people trying to explain my certain views on life and what life is worth. Life is for living it happily, and it should not be spent worrying about everyday issues. I am care-free, but this sometimes turns into clumsiness, which my parents are not very fond of. I have always had an optimistic view on every situation, as well as logical. I believe that if you can prove your views with logical reasoning, you will undoubtedly always be able to convince the other party of a certain view. Other people I have dealt with do not understand how simple it is to persuade another peer. .
             I have always loved to entertain people by making them laugh. Of course my audience never laughs at my jokes; instead, they laugh at me, but I love it because I am satisfied when I help .
             people enjoy life - even for the two seconds they laugh. I have also been known to be ditzy and eccentric. This too, entertains groups of people, especially my closest friends. Laughing and living a relaxing life are the best stress relievers, but most people seem to not be able to "let go" of their concerns.

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