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Gender Identity Disorder

             Gender Identity Disorders (GID) is questioning yourself about who you want to be.
             It is the desire to want to be the opposite sex. It usually starts between the ages of two and four .
             People with this disorder feel uncomfortable being their given sex. They tend to dress up like .
             the opposite sex, known as cross-dressing. People with gender identity disorder usually have it .
             start as a child which is said to be more common in boys than in girls. Some adults with GID .
             tend to take is as far as becoming a transexual, that is someone who seeks surgical treatment to .
             become phsyically that of the opposite sex. Now, I will discuss some of he casues, symtoms .
             and treatments of gender identity disorder.
             There are several causes of GID, but those causes are truly unknown. There are .
             several different theories on this subject though. Some of which include, a dysfunctional family .
             life, relationship difficulties with peers, family mental health problems, social sensitivity a .
             bereavement, sexual abuse, early socialization and prenatal hormones . In humans the third .
             interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus is usually larger in the male. LeVay (1991) has .
             shown that in the brain of homosexual men this nucleus is similar in size to that of women and .
             about half the volume of that in heterosexual men. People with gender idenity disorder are often .
             said to have low self-seteem, social isolation, depression, and in some cases attemted suicide or .
             suicide. In most cases the people who have GID end up in a bisexual or homosexual outcome, .
             but in some cases there is a heterosexual outcome. Not often, they become transexuals in their .
             adulthood. They wish to have be changed by surgery into a female, hoping to have their male .
             genitals replaced by female ones and also to have their male chromosomes removed or visa .
             versa. .
             Some obvious symtoms of gender identity disorder are the desire to be of the opposite .

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