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Mental and Emotional Disorders

            What do we think of when someone says the word multiple personalities? Most people would think of the person who has this disorder would think that they have a serious problem and would stay away from them. But what is really multiple personalities, it a rare disorder in which two or more personalities that exist in one person. Many people suffers from multiple personality disorders which effects their life in many different ways. There are many different disorder that a person can have with multiple personality disorder like having dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. People argue that this disorder is impossible and that people are simply making it up.
             Dissociative identity disorder(DID) is a mental illness that involves the person experiencing two or more identities or personalities, has their own way of seeing and connecting themselves to the world. DID is known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and is usually called split personality disorder. At time, one of the personalities is in control of the body. Each personality is different that makes up the person. The person can switch at any given time from one personality to another, and not realizing it. Memory loss happens all the time when the person switches from personalities to personalities and the person often doesn't have the memories of the other personalities. Many people with a dissociative identity disorder are caused by a reaction to intense trauma, usually occurred in childhood. Many people of multiple personality disorder that suffer were abused as children. (1) When a person feels like they are being attacked or abused they start to create a different personality to protect themselves. Ever personality a person make there is a trigger that makes that person switch personalities. The simplest things can make the person switch personalities no matter from seeing something to having a memory.

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