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Mental Disorders

             Mental disorders make up 15 % of the burden of diseases in established market economies. A mental illness is describe as any disturbance of emotional equilibrium, as manifested in maladaptive behavior and impaired functioning, caused by genetic, physical, chemical, biological, psychological, or social and cultural factors. Schizophrenia is a disease that strikes people in their prime. It does not matter who you are, you can be diagnosis with schizophrenia. A disease not to be taken likely that often affects pregnant women is postpartum depression. There are three phases of postpartum depression; postpartum blues (baby blues), postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. Many people all over the world are affected by bipolar disorder. There are two phases of bipolar manic and depressive. There are many new types of treatments used, such as drug therapy and psychological therapy. There are also some harsh therapies that are not seen as often but I would like to mention; prefrontal lobotomy, electro convulsive and insulin-coma. .
             The history of mental dates back to around 40 centuries ago when people considered mental illness to be a punishment form the gods. Hippo crates was the first physician to document mood disorders. Before the 17th century people with mental disorders where accused of worshipping Satan. In the 17th century though, people were isolated and confined to iron shackles. In the 18th century there grew more of an understanding of what mental disorders were and the iron shackles and confined rooms turned into sunny rooms. Also patients were given a little more freedom but the cure rate was still low. In the 19th century mental illness was believed to be caused by physical problems. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy were starting to be used. Psychoanalysis is the method of treating mental disorders that emphasizes the probing of unconscious mental processes.

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