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Art, Artists and Mental Illness

            If creativity is about imagination and original ideas, defining the word creativity is not creative. So how do we 'define' creativity? In modern society people tend to have systems, structures, organizations and definitions for everything. There are too many definitions of creativity due to the nature of it. According to Gomez in his article, What Do We Know About Creativity? He proposed that we can separate them in three basic categories; First the artistic creativity, focusing on being a creator and reflecting ''inner needs, perceptions and motivations''. Second the scientific/technological creativity, more about environmental sustainability and innovations. Last the hybrid creativity found in fields for example architecture, which ''exhibits both a novel problem solution and the personality of the creator''(32).
             Creativity is often misunderstood or misinterpreted when discussing its presence in modern society. People make the argument that 50-hour workweeks, and living life continuously on the hamster wheel, an average human doesn't have time to be creative. This argument is further developed by referencing the current American public education system as aiding in undermining and undervaluing the creative process, and creative people. Similarly, other systems are guilty of the same behavior, for example low-status corporate jobs, the labor force, and even the military/police. However, these are jobs where creativity has little tangible value.
             Where is creativity valued? Obviously, in the expansive world of art and design creativity has become a judged commodity.  Whether specifically through the art itself, or the market that is created around it: jobs, galleries and art schools. Creativity is also very present in the corporate world, with advertising and marketing being in our daily lives. In this sense, creativity has monetary value, but rather than a helpful presence, it's a manipulative one.

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