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Edvard Munch

             Munch produced work that was highly personal, which describes his feelings. Munch Edvard is Norway's most famous artist. A founder of expressionism, Munch produced work that was highly personal and sometimes very disturbing. He devoted most of his working life to painting every fact of human emotion in what he called his "Frieze of Life".
             Edvard was born in Lote, Norway. He spent his early years on Oslo. He grew up in a conservative, rather puritanical household, but his friends were unconventional bohemians interested in anarchy and "Free love.".
             He studied in drawing school and was gifted most of paintings in Norway. He was interested in memories and emotions. His themes universal- The stages of life, love and Death.
             Munch's own death and disease touched life. His mother died of tuberculosis when Munch was five years old, after giving birth to his sister, Ingar. His brother died in 1895, when he was thirty years. In addition, his sister died when he was fourteen years old, which made the greatest impact on him, Edvard himself was often ill. Moreover, he produced several works such as The Sick Child, which appears, pale and weak on his sister deathbed.
             Munch was both fascinated and terrified by death. He went to Paris in 1889 to study at .
             the Ecoicdes Beaux-Art.
             In 1829, Munch was invited to show his work in Berlin, His images of sex, death and violence outraged so many import and people including the German Kaiser himself that the exhibition was closed after only six days.
             In his picture Jealousy, Munch explored the dark side of love. H knew an emotion well through a passionate affair he had with a married woman.
             Munch tried to explain his emotion through his drawing, he tried to talk by his paintings. .
             Yet his tortured and shocking by personal art, which at first provoked anger. Eventually gained him fame. Munch's art shows the memory of illness, death and grief.
             Munch attended a technical college at first, a year later he left the college and became more serious with his work, after he attended a school of design.

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