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Mental Disorders

            Mental Disorders: It's Not About Being Crazy.
             Many people in the United States of America have a misconception of mental .
             Disorders. People tend to believe that if you are diagnosed with a mental disorder then .
             you belong in a metal facility, this is not always the case. There are many people that.
             have disorders that do not seek treatment and live a normal life, however there are .
             some people who have to take different kinds of treatment just to try to maintain a life.
             In the weeks before I was diagnosed with severe depression, I thought I was going crazy .
             because of the emotional roller coaster I was on. I am now trying to become as informed.
             on mental and emotional disorders as I can so maybe I will be able to help someone. .
             Depression and bipolar, which are the most common mental or emotional disorders that .
             people seek treatment for. I will touch on what causes it, the treatments available and .
             how to maybe maintain a normal life with this kind of disorders.
             Bipolar disorder also known as Mania Depression is an emotional disorder that .
             affects people today. With bipolar people experience alternating episodes of mania .
             depression and major depression. Some of the characteristics of mania are hyperactivity, .
             racing thoughts and speech, elation and irritability. Some of the characteristics of .
             major depression are despair, suicidal thoughts or suicidal attempts, withdraw and .
             sadness. .
             There are two distinct bipolar disorders. Bipolar I, which is the history of major .
             depression and at least one episode of mania. Bipolar II, which is history of major .
             depression and a much less severe episode of mania. Bipolar disorders effect men and .
             women equally.
             Bipolar disorder is caused by biochemical instability in the transmission of .
             nerve impulses in the brain usually triggered by an upsetting life experience, substance .
             abuse and the lack of sleep. Symptoms can range from elation or irritability to sadness .
             and hopelessness and back again.

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