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Youth and Gender Identity Disorder

            My focus for this essay is to explore the uncovered area of psychology. Gender Identity Disorder is not a common area of research, and this is honestly very disappointing. GID is a serious issue in today's world, and many children are diagnosed with it every day. Because it is such an obsolete topic, not many know what it is and how to treat patients with this diagnosis. Here are the questions that will be covered in this paper:.
             1. What short-term affects does GID have in youth?.
             2. What long-term affects does GID have in youth?.
             3. Does having GID have a role in sexuality/sexual orientation?.
             4. Can it be cured/is there treatment?.
             Gender Identity Disorder has many effects on the youth that is diagnosed with it, with or without treatment, and many grow up and identify as homosexual either way.
             What short term affects does GID have in Youth?.
             Short-term effects of gender identity disorder can include a lot of symptoms and odd functionalities. Children diagnosed with GID often showcase their differences by wearing the opposite gender's clothes, playing with the opposite gender, and doing things specific to the opposite gender (Hoffman, 2003). In extreme cases, the children can actually start to be disgusted with their own body parts, and start to hurt their part because of it, or wish them to be removed. This is rare, but can often be a sign of severe GID.
             Other short-term effects are the possibilities of acting out and frustration towards their parents. They don't know why they were created the way they were, so they often blame it on the ones around them. This causes great concerns in parents who haven't had the experience of this before, or don't know what GID is (Hoffman, 2003). Keeping an eye on your children is critically important if you notice your child in this stage, because they are not thinking very rationally for their underdeveloped minds and odd mixture of hormones.
             It is important as a parent of a GID child that you remain calm and be supportive of anything and everything your child is doing.

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