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            The interpretations of this painting are as numerous as many people try to interpret it. From different angles this violent act may suggest completely different and sometimes shocking things. One finds love, another rape or death. It is difficult to take no notice of the sexual aspects of this work of art, and that is why some people notice the homosexual act or preliminaries to sexual intercourse, which is often associated with violence and pain clearly visible in this painting. Sex - the whole act is often associated both with the animal drive divested of any inhibitions, the liberation of mind from any restrictions imposed by society, culture, and is at the same time the form of enslavement by overwhelming lust. Sex is the moment when limitations vanish and the body and its physical sensation start dominating, when senses take position of the body. The author managed to capture prodigious violence and aggression by the particular pose of bodies, which look as if they were in great agony. The light directed on the muscles stresses and attracts the viewer's attention to violence and the state of being under control of desires. The almost lack of the background pinpoints that only sexual ecstasy matters and nothing else at all. The whole world disappears as they are engaged in the outburst of passion, the realization of their yearning for sexual intercourse. This painting gives the impression of being dominated as well as dominating, given that one person is in the position of attack while the other is the victim, since his body is hog-tied and his movements are constrained.
             This painting can be seen as a metaphor of abandoning one's own body and reaching the astral sphere; it is a metamorphosis - since every human being is dual - from the physical body into the astral body, from the human body into the liberated body of a vampire, from the good, bright side into the evil, dark one.

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