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Something About Fighting

             has been on a quest to find his inner self.
             been the theme of many books and researches.
             exception, in the 1959 book, Siddhartha by Hermann.
             Hesse. In this particular story the main character,.
             Siddhartha, is trying to find his "inner self". He tries to.
             accomplish this in many ways, one being self denial or.
             destruction. This is also the case in the 1996 book, Fight.
             Club by Chuck Palahniuk, in which the main theme.
             promoted is that destruction leads to purity. These two.
             works, written almost 40 years apart, which at first glance.
             seem to be complete opposites, are actually spawns from.
             the archetypal theme of man's quest from self knowledge.
             Many issues in each of these stories give reason to believe.
             that the authors had the same idea in mind. It could also be.
             said that the author of Fight Club may have read.
             Siddhartha. This is so because of the fact that many quotes.
             in Fight Club relate to Hinduism, which is the religion of the.
             heron in Siddhartha. For example, at a point in Fight Club,.
             a character questions his safety. The reply from the.
             character, Tyler Durden, is, "You"re as safe as a Hindu.
             cow", is a metaphor that since the cow is very respected in.
             the Hindu religion and is not harmed. This may be mere.
             coincidence, but other information gives reason to believe.
             otherwise. Other than just saying that there is a connection.
             with something that is said in the two books, there is also.
             connections with the themes and styles of each book. In.
             Siddhartha the charters often speak in ways the you may.
             have to think about to understand the full meaning. This is.
             also true in the case of Fight Club. At one point in.
             Siddhartha, the character Govinda [Siddhartha's friend].
             says, "He who in contemplation, with purified mind,.
             immerses himself in Atman, Inexpressible in words is his.
             heart's bliss." These quotes convey the idea of the actually.
             enlightenment. In Fight Club, it is common to see quotes.
             like, "You are not a beautiful and unique snow flake" which.

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