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Email Privacy

             Email privacy! What privacy I ask there seems to be no privacy left in anything you do when it comes to computers and the net. The email is one of the finest examples of big brother is watching you and so is every other voyeur and hacker. For several years now there has been a national campaign to stop unsolicited email that stems from a breach of privacy on the part of the sender. People seem to go to great lengths to discover other folks email addresses and then flood them with allsorts of unsolicited mail. I feel we all have a right to privacy and wonder why the governments are not doing enough to protect are civil liberties. It is ridiculous that children and adults receive unwanted mail of any kind never mind the obscene graphic nature of some of the mail. Also other advertisements to entice people into gambling and further debit. My daughter as received several mailings asking her would she like to increase her male members size and offering her Viagra the cant even get the gender correct they are sending this mail to. I want to discuss this topic and show evidence of other examples of intrusion into people's privacy and the lengths society has to go to stop the blatant breach of our rights. .
             Its good to see at last the governments are trying to do something about this problem and not before time I might add. The only thing is its sad it had to come from a lot of lobbying and general outcry from the public before they took the situation serious and we all no why i.e. to many public votes at risk if they didn't make a move on a subject that effects the public at large and all the future generations. .
             May 31, 2002 - The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (CAUCE), EuroCAUCE, CAUCE India, CAUCE Canada and the Coalition Against Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail, Australia (CAUBE.au) today applauded the decision by the European Parliament to protect European Internet users from the practice of unsolicited e-mail advertisements.

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