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            Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch the movie, "Bringing Down The House" with starring actors, Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is a divorced, straight-laced, uptight attorney who still loves his ex-wife and can't figure out what he did wrong to make her leave him. However, Peter's trying to move on, and he's smitten with a brainy, bombshell barrister he's been chatting with online. However, when she comes to his house for their first face-to-face, she isn't refined, isn't Ivy League, and isn't even a lawyer. Instead, it's Charlene (Queen Latifah), a prison escapee who's proclaiming her innocence and wants Peter to help her clear her name. But Peter wants nothing to do with her, prompting the loud and shocking Charlene to turn Peter's perfectly ordered life upside down, jeopardizing his effort to get back with his wife and woo a billion dollar client. In the end, our unlikely pair has the chance to put each other's lives on higher ground--if they don't end up bringing down the house.
             The fourteen screen theatre that has about 2,800 seats, and has a Sony Dynamic Digital Sound System. The screen that I got to sit in was in a forty five degree angle. It had eight speakers on the two side walls and had a total of four subs, two in the front and two in the back. During the movie, the sound system was not that great. The only speakers that were on were the subs in the front. Everything sounded low and one could barley hear the two lead actors of the movie which at times was a pain because this movie is a comedy and there were times were one would miss the punch line or a line that was funny. I wish they would had used all of the speakers to get that surround sound feeling, the excuse they gave me was because the audience was too small but I counted the people and it was about 85 people. .
             The movie in overall was funny when one was able to hear it, but the sound system needs to be improved.

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