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Unity and Identity of U.S. before Revolution

            At the eve of the American Revolution, many in the colonies would still rather associate themselves to Britain than to think to unite together. Even if they had grown to be very different from Britain, they still felt than within all the colonies themselves they were also extremely different. Therefore, during the years of 1750-1776, the colonies had started to feel of sense of identity, but weren't ready to unite just yet. The sense of unity grew stronger during the Revolution.
             Different aspects of colonial life brought a sense of identity to the colonists. Most of the colonies were populated by Englishmen, which gave them a common sense of identity. Even though there were some Dutch and French, the majority was English and that gave them something in common. Not only were they British, but according to Hector Crevecoeur, they also created a new race of men- an American. There were mixed races, such as Dutch and French. Sure they were European, but mixed in all together in a new place and a new kind of man evolved. But even before the Revolution, the colonists were divided into their beliefs. There were many that left Britain in the first place to escape religious persecution. So in the colonies, there were Protestants, Puritans, Separatists, Catholics and many more. Some tried to be tolerant, especially in Maryland, but these acts were repealed. So groups of the same religion would settle in one area and develop it in their own way, such as Massachusetts Bay, which was Puritan. People also differed in their beliefs relating to the king. Loyalists, or Tories, and Patriots had two very different views toward England. Tories were loyal to the king. According to Mather Byles, they believed that it was better to be ruled by one tyrant who lived in England, rather than being ruled by 3000 tyrants right here in America. Most stayed loyal to the King since they were government official or merchants.

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