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Shakespeare, Summary of life

            William Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest litterary writers ever. He is quite possibly the most famous writers.
             ever. It is not known exactly when he was born. People speculate his birthday to be in 1564 because he was baptized.
             Wednesday, April 26th, 1564. William was one of seven childeren. His sister, Judith and four of his brothers were the only.
             to see adult hood. His parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. It is presumed that he lived with his father, on .
             Henley St., about one-hundered miles from London. He went to King's New Grammer School tought by boys. It is not known, for.
             sure if he went to college, but most say he did not. William was married in 1958, to Anne Hathaway.William was eighteen, .
             and Anne was twenty-three. They gave birth to their first child seven months after being married. Susanna is was what they.
             named her. They had twins in 1583, named Hamnet and Judith. In 1609, his copyrites were violated, and it is unlikly he.
             wanted his very personal poems released. William was looking for work in London, and did not return untill twenty years.
             later, in 1609 for the forty days of Lent. Records from the College of Heralds show that Sakespereapplied for a Coat of .
             Arms. He had a lack of proof, but it was still granted to him.

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