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             It has been twenty-five years since my aunt Esther got married. She has three children, a magnificent home, and more than enough money to take care of it all. Her husband loves her dearly and always has. He has always put her needs and wants before his own. They always looked so happy and never seemed to argue. Wouldn"t you agree that it seems like a pretty descent marriage? Well, like many other adults in America today, my aunt Esther does not seem to think so. She has filed a divorce and claims she has "always been miserable." Her children are young adults themselves and cannot seem to comprehend why it took her twenty-five years to come out about her feelings of "misery." .
             In America today, it seems to me that divorce is no longer a serious matter to anyone. People seem to think that if they realize they "made a mistake" there is always divorce to rely on. In my opinion, marriage is not a mistake. A mistake, by definition, is "an error, fault, or misunderstanding." When the words "I do" come out of the mouth of two human beings who are in love with one another, I cannot seem to understand how they can later refer to that as a mistake. I do believe that there is such a thing as a successful marriage, although perfection is pretty far fetched. I feel that divorce is a scapegoat to the truth and should be the last and final resort for anyone. True problems in a marriage can be resolved, sometimes with difficulty, but very possible.
             Some might wonder why I would even be slightly creditable to believe when taking advice about a successful marriage. Well, I myself have been married for about four months now. Although my marriage is still quite young, I still consider it an average one. In fact, I think this makes my experience even more creditable due to all of the issues I have recently had to encounter. My marriage requires much of what I feel any relationship does. We have to communicate about each and every action we take or every feeling we have.

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