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America: What Makes Us Great?

             Many people look at America and think what a great country. But what makes America so great? Some of the many things that help build this country, are the very things that make America so wonderful. One being Americas history, another being our ancestors, but most important there's our government.
             The first thing that makes America so great is the history of this country. The history of America is a very important factor because it is part of our everday life. One of the main points in the history of America is culture. Our culture creates diversity, which makes every person in America different. Culture makes America great because it shows that all these different cultures of people have worked together, and will continue to work together to develop all the necessities of life.
             Another important aspect of America is our ancestors. The people of the past are very important because they were the ones who first settled in our country. They were the ones who developed a working system to make America whay it is today. Our ancestors also brought their languages, history, and traditions to America, this is why America is so diverse. They also worked hard to develop a system of writing to record their findings, the findings that have greatly benefited America.
             Government is among many other things that make our country so great. The fact that so many people worked together to create a system of laws for our wonderful country. The laws that we follow and live by today. Another great aspect of the government that makes our country so great are our courts and prisons. The curts and prisons of America are very important because they provide protection from criminals. They also give justice. The laws of our government our great, but it's not just the laws tat make our government what it is. Voting for instance gives Americans a chance ot express who they think should be elected. It gives them an input in what happens.

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