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Organisations and Behaviour

             An organization, by its nature, is composed of individuals who are organized in some way or form in order to achieve certain objectives. Thus, individuals are the basic building material around which an organization functions and an understanding of individual behavior is an essential prerequisite to the exploration of how individuals work in groups and how the organization itself behaves. Organizations sometimes forget this point in the struggle for corporate survival. However, it could be argued that the radical changes being forced on organizations as a result of increasingly turbulent environments are forcing them to reassess the role of individuals in terms of their capacity of individual and collective development and the potential, which this has for revitalizing the organization.
             2. Term of reference.
             Within this report, I will cover the following items:.
             Introduce the background of two interviews.
             Describe the different approaches to management.
             Evaluate the different approaches to management and theories of organization used by two organizations.
             Explain organizational culture.
             Identify and describe different organizational structures.
             Examine the relationship between an organization's structure and culture and the effects on business performance.
             Discuss the different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approaches.
             Explain the different motivation theories and their application within the workplace; and relationship between motivation theory and the practice of management.
             Describe the nature of groups and group behavior.
             Investigate the factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success.
             3. Finding.
             3.1 Background of the managers.
             3áD1áD1 Shift manager in McDonald's at Exeter .
             The manager of one of the McDonald's restaurants at Exeter who has been working there for 5 years. Because the restaurants deal with the general public, communication is the most important issue in his work.

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