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Private vs. Public Golf Courses

            Which is a better golf course to play, a private course or a public course? Four points to consider when making that decision is, price, condition of course, amenities, and location. For every 6 public golf courses there are 2 private courses in the United States. Even though public golf courses out number private golf courses, many people still choose to play private courses. I feel the best choice is to play public courses and avoid the contract and money that goes into becoming a member to play a private golf course. Golf is golf no matter where you play it, why not play for a reasonable rate and play many different courses instead of just one over and over. The differences between the two courses are very big. A good example of the relationships between the courses is to look at the Toyota Camry and the Lexus ES300. They are the same exact cars but the Lexus has a few nicer upgrades but overall, is it really worth the difference in price?.
             Private courses are very expensive. To play on a private course you have to either be a member, a member's guest, or have a friend that works at that golf course. To become a member you have to pay a yearly membership. A yearly membership rate can start from 3,000 to over 500,000 a year. All depending on which course and club you want to become a member of. After the yearly fee, members are still required to pay a fee each time they play. The problem with private courses are that once a golfer becomes a member, he/she has already paid a yearly membership which means he/she will be playing only that course all the time. If he/she is not playing that course all the time then a membership was a waste of money. No one wants to spend all that money on something they don't use. Eventually playing the same course over and over can become very boring. Public courses can be very expensive as well, but at that the same time they can be very inexpensive. Some golfers enjoy playing the more expensive courses because of the condition they are in and some golfers like to play the cheap courses because they rarely play golf, and are out to just smack the ball around, so to speak.

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