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Private vs. Public

             As I first entered Virginia Tech I was astonished by the lustrous lights of the colossal stadium which was in front of me. There was a mammoth flower with the name of the school on it which I could not believe. Just the entrance blew me away and I could not wait to see what the rest of the college had to offer. Approximately a month before hand I visited the university I now attend: Campbell. As I arrive to the university I see nothing because basically there is no main entrance. It looks like the campus has changed minutely from when it was founded in 1887. Which do you think is the private university and which is public?.
             What I thought before I came to a private university was that the first example would be the private university and the second would be the public university. I was way off! I visited a public university last weekend and I was in awe of everything there. The stadium, sports hall of fame, and the workout room to name a few things. The six cafeterias there were amazing with about seven different mouth-watering restaurants inside each of them. When I walked in one of them all I could smell was the tantalizing aroma of sweet and sour chicken being cooked over at the oriental restaurant. They had Chinese, Mexican, Subs, Seafood, American food, and many other choices to tickle your taste buds. The prices of these restaurants were even economical. The food was as if you had walked into a gourmet restaurant, sat down, and ordered your meal. They had a variety basically unmatched by any private university. One of my friends stated, "Let's take some of this food back with us to Campbell and sell it for a lot of money." We were all thinking this when we were eating our stromboli, pizza, and pasta alfredo. The food was just the start of it. They have so many more majors including mining, astronomy, and horticulture to name a few, which is great if you are undecided.

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