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English-Silas Marner

            Silas Marner: What do you think George Eliot wanted to illustrate through the pattern of Silas' moral journey in Silas Marner'?.
             At the start of the novel, Silas Marner is a valuable member of the community in a village called Lantern Yard. He is a kind, honest man who has a great faith in God. Silas Marner is framed by his best friend William Dane and consequently falsely accused of the theft of Church money. William Dane wants Silas out of the church so that he can marry Sarah, Silas's fiancée. Silas is forced to move to the village of Raveloe where he lives a sad, lonely life, isolated from the community. Silas earns his living by weaving cloth. Gradually, his faith, friends and livelihood are replaced by a growing addiction to the gold he earns. Silas experiences a second great shock when his beloved gold is stolen. As he becomes even more isolated and withdrawn the villagers think that Silas is a mad man. Following the theft of the gold Silas has nothing left in his life until a child called Eppie enters his house. Eppie is adopted by Silas. Gradually Silas learns how to love again and regains his faith and trust in God. He no longer feels empty and lonely. Eppie becomes the reason for Silas's redemption and his integration back into society as he wins the respect of the village people. The discovery of love enables Silas to develop and grow into a warm, caring man who is once again a respected member of the local community. .
             The author, George Elliot begins the novel writing about the village of Raveloe. He uses long sentences and descriptive language such as far away among the lanes' or deep in the bosom of the hills', to create a relaxed scene and a slow pace for the reader. The author describes the village of Raveloe as lied on the outskirts of civilisation' which suggests that Raveloe is a village which keeps itself to itself and perhaps has a selective and closed community.

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