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The Character of Emma bovary

             In the first part of Madame Bovary Emma is portrayed in many different lights. Emma at first is portrayed as a sweet innocent girl who lives on a farm, and grew up in a convent. Emma is although unhappy with the life on the farm that she is living. She is a beautiful girl that Charles immediately falls in love with. Charles then spends as much time as he can saying that he is taking care of her father. When all he is really doing is trying to get to know Emma more, because deep down I think that he knows that he is unhappy with the life he has been given. Soon after the two meet Charles's wife dies, and he befriends Emma and her father.
             Charles then one day asks Emma's father if he could take her hand in marriage. Emma is excited about this because she thinks that this is going to take her off the farm and into a life of riches and pure material satisfaction. Emma at this point you can see that she looks at love as something very magical and she wants to have a romantic midnight wedding. Before the couple gets married though they have to wait for Charles's mourning period to be over. When they do finally start to plan the wedding Emma is forced to settle for a traditional wedding with a lot of noise and commotion. I think that this is when Emma starts to become unhappy with the way her life is going. Emma lives in a fantasy world where she thinks that everything is wonderful and that she should have a magical and perfect wedding. In this time is where I think she discovers that Charles is a big oaf, but at the same time she believes that somehow he is going to give her the life that she has always dreamed about having.
             The couple has the wedding and they go back to the farm which Emma lived on and had a huge three day after wedding feast. This is where I think that Emma gets the idea that's he is going to be living in a life of luxury. The night of the wedding they engage in normal first married night activities.

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