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Jesus' Coming to America

             The year is 2004, and America is in worse shape than ever. Half of our adults and children are overweight and can barely move to do everyday activities. We are killing ourselves with gluttony. America is in a hurry to go nowhere, pushing everyone and everything that might attempt to block its path. Even people in the South are rude, seldom stopping to say, "Hi, how are you doing?". Common decency is seldom extended. Our streets are littered with trash from Big Macs and beer bottles. Large sport utility vehicles are hurting our ozone layer and big oil profits are helping to support terrorism. People seem not to care. Jesus decides that He needs to come to Little Rock, not the worst place in America, but a good place to start that definitely needs some help.
             When He arrives, the first thing He sees is a homeless man begging a businessman for a quarter. The businessman yells, "Get a job!" then squeals his tires as he drives away in his new BMW. Jesus cannot believe the inhumanity that has taken over the world. No one wants to help his or her brother and that is something that even He is not sure will change. He has to find a way to help these pitiful people; He has to find something that the people will allow him to do for them. It does not look like preaching kindness is going to be the job. These people do not seem receptive to the teaching of the Golden Rule.
             Around noon and Jesus decided to stop at Shorty Smalls on Rodney Parham for lunch. He looked at all of the enormous platters sitting in front of the equally enormous people and thought that Little Rock is surely not hurting for food. There were monstrous burgers and the biggest mozzarella sticks anyone has ever seen. Jesus remembered a quote from a lady in Australia when she spoke of Americans, "big burgers make for big people". He saw the people stuffing their faces talking of going home to nap because they were too full to move.

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