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Cap Pun

             Since 1976, when capital punishment was reinstated, over 618 people have been.
             killed by cause of the death penalty. It is still supported by 70% Americans for a narrow.
             range of murder crimes such as murder of children or mass murders. The top reasons to.
             support capital punishment are for deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and.
             The most compelling argument against capital punishment is based on its actual.
             administration in our society. It is the risk of killing an innocent person through the.
             death penalty. Other elements to the opposing side of the death penalty are for instance.
             against the poor and the minorities, the weakness of the deterrence argument, killing the.
             mentally ill, and the fact that it is a cruel and unusual punishment. I agree that these are.
             all issues that deserve great concern, however, they can be solved. With a better court.
             system to discover if a person is innocent or mentally ill needs to be established. As far.
             as prejudices against the poor and minorities go, I do find that this has ever been the.
             base of a penalty of death, I think they are very minimal if any at all. When a suspect is.
             brought to court if they cannot afford to pay for their own attorney they are provided.
             with one at the states cost. That is a fair offer, not a prejudice in anyway. When capital.
             punishment was first being used, it was a cruel and unusual punishment. The death.
             penalty used to consist of beheading people or torturing them to their death. Now, we.
             have it under control. It is now a lethal injection coming from a sterilized needle. Shots.
             are given at doctors offices everyday therefore not making it a unusual event. Lethal.
             injection is not a cruel punishment compared to the ways it was handled in the past.
             God and Jesus both were and still remain in support for the death penalty. In.
             Genesis 6-8, God gets frustrated with the way that the world is disrespecting him,.
             resulting that he gets the suitable people and animals that have been obeying him on to.

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