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Great Gatsby Movie vs Book

            The story in the movie is almost identical to that in the book. Gatsby mysteriously makes money in order to build a life suitable to woo Daisy, after losing her to Tom some years back. Nick, being close to Daisy, is used by Gatsby to reunite himself with Daisy. Meanwhile Tom has his poor mistress, the recklessness of all of them causes Myrtle, George, and Gatsby to die. .
             The plots between the movie and the book are almost the same. The climax in the book happens when Myrtle is killed, that causes George to go off the deep end and kill Gatsby. Myrtle's murder is described more in the book than Gatsby murder. In the movie Gatsby's murder is the climax. Everything that happens afterwards, the revelation that Gatsby was as lonely as everyone else, that everything he did was in vain, is the falling action.
             Nick does equally serve as narrator in both mediums. He is the main character and is present in all major events, whether in person or as the background voice. It is Nick's honesty with himself and toward others, his morality, and his unbiased, slow to judge qualities that make him stand out. Nick's character fits into the plot of the movie. He is everything the other characters aren't. .
             The characters in the book are portrayed visually well in the movie. Tom in the book was athletic, large, had a stance of confidence, and was aggressive. .
             Tom in the movie seemed slightly smaller muscular, but still had that aggressiveness. Tom's voice in the book is described as a "gruff tenor-, in the movie I thought his voice was too severe and not enough of a gruffness. Gatsby in the novel is presented as mysterious, extremely handsome, and secluded; I thought he was also insecure with himself. George is poor, dirty, and has hopes and dreams far beyond what he can achieve. Daisy is shown as small blonde with a "singing voice-. In the movie she is ditzy, not quite all there. She is reckless with her life.

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