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The Great Gatsby: Movie vs Book

            The movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby maintained true to the original book written by Scott F. Of course, as with the majority of most movie adaptations, there were minor and subtle changes in the movie, alongside missing content from the book. .
             One of the biggest differences between the film and the book was the characters of both Daisy and Tom Buchanan. In the novel, Daisy seems to be a more intellectual and well brought up lady. Whereas in the movie, she is depicted as the typical, unintelligent blonde. Tom is the All American guy in the book, described as a well built football player with a confident gait. In contrast with the film, he is a scrawny and skinny husband whom Daisy must remain faithful to, regardless of his deceit behind her back. Another minor change in the movie was Mayor Wolfstein's articulacy. In the novel, he mispronounced words and stuttered much. The characters hadn't completely changed, but the difference is most definitely noticeably. .
             Another subtle change between the film and the book is that in the novel, the reader is left in the dark, not sure if Daisy killed Myrtle or not. In contrast with the book, the movie has audiences knowing that Daisy killed Myrtle. Therefore, there is a difference in how the reader or viewer follows the story. .
             Even though there are character differences and the story has changed a little, the movie still stayed true to the novel. The plot and the majority of the characters have stayed the same, maintaining the entertainment and enjoyment of the novel.

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