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            Little Red Riding Hood is a classic story of youth, innocence, and manipulation. The short story involves a sweet innocent little girl and a sly manipulative wolf. The story has many different twists and turns depending on culture. The story was presented to everyone and many other versions came about depending on the message that was desired. Many things changed in the story, such things like whether she wore a hood or a cap, the ending is different in almost every different version. The version custom to me is when she goes out with a basket and goes straight to Grandma's house. The wolf schemes on her from the start and beats little hood to the cabin and eats the grandmother and soon after eats riding hood. I compared this story to another one that I read. This new version written by the Grimm Brothers has a different twist. .
             The story of "Little Red Riding Hood" that was read to me when I was a tike was the classic story that ended in death for all who was foolish enough not to see the sly wolf's plan. The story was a fairy tale with a message for little girls not to trust unknown men and also put forth the message of lies and deceit, trust what you know. The new version that I read recently by the Grimm Broths. took the story for a different twist, it took out the tragic ending away and gave it a hero, a hunter. The hunter was added to take away from the unhappy ending to make it more of a children's story. All in all the story has the same themes, of not trusting the wolf and deceit. So far the story has the same ending and same themes even with a different twist on the end, The Grimm Broths. make it better for children classrooms without changing the immediate theme or message of the story.
             The story of "Little Red Cap" written by the Grimm Broths. put a twist on the cap she wore, the grandmother had made it and given it to her as a present and that's where her name came from. I also realized that the wolf in this story is much more manipulative and believing, the wolf sounded like he had a soothing voice to coax the innocent girl.

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