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The Parody

             The ability to grasp a viewer's interest determines the quality of a movie. People will undoubtedly have differing perspectives when they view a movie, based on age, cultural background, and individual movie preferences. For example, two movies that initially seem similar show differences upon deeper observation. In 1977, the movie Star Wars presented new technological advancements beyond any movie made, with the new-age graphics, use of computer-enhanced backgrounds, and unusual use of light. The low-budgeted movie, Space Balls, directed by comedian Mel Brooks, was released some ten years later. The movie carried a slapstick plot, bizarre list of characters, and no technological marvels. Space Balls was presented to moviegoers as a parody of Star Wars in its objectives, characterizations, and misuse of time and space.
             The main objective of both movies is to defeat the "dark side", and triumph for good. But, the paths each take to accomplish this are different. In the original Star Wars, blueprints are stolen for the evil mega ship Death Star, a ship of mass destruction used to destroy entire planets. Rebel forces free the kidnapped Princess Leia, locate the blueprints and find a weakness in the Death Star. The hero, Luke Skywalker, ultimately annihilates the Death Star with the help of Obi wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and Han Solo.
             In Space Balls, Princess Vespa of the planet Druidia is being forced to marry against her will. Instead, she flees the planet, only to be captured by the empire ship commanded by Lord Helmet. In order for the evil planet Space Ball to survive, she becomes a pawn to blackmail the king of the Druids into giving up the code to their air shield of oxygen. Hero Lone Star and his sidekick Barf rescue Princess Vespa from the empire's clutches. Lord Helmet attempts to defeat Lone Star in a duel of Schwartz sabers. Helmet accidentally falls on the ship's self-destruct button, while Lone Star and his ladylove flee to safety.

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