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Assimilation and Nonconformity

             The word assimilation can be used to compare books so we can see how they are tied together. The word assimilation means to become part of society. This can be applied to the short stories: Blue Winds Dancing and Two kinds, and to the book: To Kill a Mockingbird. Using the word the books can be compared and tied together. Making an inference, with the help of this word, can help the reader become more understanding of the morals the stories are trying to portray.
             First off the word assimilation can be compared to Blue Winds Dancing. In this story a young Indian boy feels that he doesn't fit in with white society. In the story he notes how the people who aren't a part of society are considered outcasts. People who don't want to buy stuff they don't need aren't considered a part of society. The boy couldn't live with this society so he left to go back to his own home and village. Near the end of the story he states that he felt lonelier in white society then in his village even though he was still alone. This means that he realized he fit in a lot better in his own home. Assimilation can be applied to this because he tried to become a part of society until he realized that he didn't have to be like the rest of the people around him and become part of society.
             Two Kinds is the next story that assimilation can be applied to. This story is about a Chinese woman who wanted her little girl, Amy, to become a prodigy and leave a mark on society. She wanted her to become the best she could be but Amy didn't see eye to eye with her. Her mom just wanted her to become popular and have a known name in American society. This is how assimilation can be applied to the story. Amy's mom wanted her to be able to fit into American society. She figured she could do this by making her flaunt her talents. She thought once people saw this little girl with so many talents she would become an important part of society.

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