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Shakespear in Love

            In the movie, "Shakespeare in Love", a young and energetic, William Shakespeare is encouraged by his peers to create a comedy play called "Romeo and Ethel, the pirates daughter", because at the time comedy plays were a big success. Instead, William creates a tragedy play, about "two star crossed lovers" from two different worlds who will fall deeply in love with each other and suffer the consequences of society around them that does not let them choose who they are to be with, but suffer from prearranged marriages. William obtains this wealth of inspiration for his new play from his new found love, Viola de Lesseps, and through the events that occur in "Shakespeare in Love", the audience can easily see that the play "Romeo and Juliet" and this movie, are parallels of each other. Through the scenarios that happen in William Shakespeare life in sixteenth century England, he draws from these and reintegrates them into his play (ex. The man crying out the window: "A plague on both your houses." and when Viola and Shakespeare first meet at the palace that night, when William was not supposed to be there and he saw Viola dancing and fell in love with her is exactly the same as Romeo going to the ball the night he met Juliet and fell in love.) .
             The movie, "Shakespeare in Love", is very unique because it does not resemble the world we live in. The movie takes place in sixteenth century England, and the differences of clothing, lifestyle (no indoor plumbing, infested with rats), and speech is totally different from ours. However, the forces that operate in the world of William Shakespeare are not so different, such as the forces of wealth, nobility, power, and love. Like in our world, wealth, power, and nobility can buy many things and influence many people, but true love, real love, is something that is very rare and precious and can not be bought like other materialistic needs or wants.

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