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Shakespear Connet 116

            Love is one of the purest things that humans can experience, and who better to capture such a thing than the famous playwright, William Shakespear's. He makes his personal testament to love in "Sonnet 116". But exactly what was Shakespeare's representation of love? .
             In line one he states that he is in no way putting friendship in a bad light. But love is love and cannot be removed or changed in any way. In line three love is compared to a wayward ship and that a wayward ship uses the North Star, to navigate, just as love is the North Star and people use love to navigate their lives. Line four compares love's worth to a ship. The metaphor describes love as a ship. When a ship is at port, and you look at it from the outside don't know what the ships worth is. The ship could be worth nothing because it could be filled full of sand, or the ship could be filled full of gold and worth a lot. Love cannot be looked at from the outside and have its worth accurately measured you have to experience the love to completely know its worth. Line five says that life is sickle, time fades, and beauty fades but love does not fade. Line six states that love does not change over small amounts of time such as hours or weeks. Love endures over such small stints of time and love will endure even all the way up to Armageddon type situations. In line 6 he states that if he is wrong about love, he has never written, but if he is wrong about love, then no one has ever truly loved. .
             The rhyme scheme of this story is abab, cdcd, efef, gg. This is typical of sonnets and Shakespeare. The pattern in the story is Shakespearean sense this story is written by William Shakespeare. The figurative language in this sonnet can be found on many lines. Starting with line one has alliteration such as "marriage if true minds", and "love is not love". In line two there is "alters when it alteration" which is assonance. Then in line three, there is personification that mentions the love is looking at something.

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