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shakespears 'Othello'

             Good evening, In this seminar i will be explaining my understanding of the concept of 'the darkside' in relation to the two texts i have studied, Shakespears play 'Othello' and the more modernised version of Shakespears play, the film 'O' directed by Tim Blake Nelson.
             The concept of 'the darkside' in texts incorporates aspects of humanity that are dark. In the texts that i have studied, Shakespears 'Othello' and Nelson's film, 'O', the concept of 'the darkside' has been demonstrated through many techniques.
             In Shakespears drama 'Othello' the darkside can be found in the textual form through imagery & language, the setting and use of stage directions and through props. .
             In the film 'O' techniqes used to contribute to the concept of the darkside can be found through the use of camera angles & lighting, through language & the tone of the language, & through props & the episodic nature of the film.
             In both the opening scenes of Shakespears drama 'Othello', and Tim Blake Nelson's film 'O', the composers have revealed to the responder the character with the lead role in representing the darkside of humanity throughout each text.
             In Shakespears 'Othello' this character is Iago and in the more modernised version of 'Othello the character that represents the darkside is Hugo.
             This character in both texts is the key character in all the action. He is clever and cunning and can manipulate any situation to serve his own ends. He is extremely quick-witted and has the ability to make the most of situations, even when they are not going as planned. Much of his success in manipulating people and events derives from the ways in which he is able to twist words and implant ideas into the minds of the people around him. He is prepared to use any means to acheive his goals and will go to any length until he does so.
             In the play, Iago wants revenge on Othello for not giving him the position to which Cassio has been appointed, and the same story line goes for Hugo in the film 'O'; Hugo wants revenge on Odin for appointing Mike as his 'right hand' in the basketball team.

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