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             Iago is a complex and untrustworthy character in William Shakespears's Othello. He is seen by everyone as an honest and trustworthy person. But by the end of the first act, he is quite the opposite. He's a deceitful character, honest and kind on the outside, evil and deadly on the inside. Throughout the entire play he turns all his "friends- against one another. He does this by using their fears and concerns against them, using it as a jealous trap of hatred. There are many examples throughout the play that show Iago's evilness, but the motives for his villainy become unclear as the play goes on. Iago gives several possible motives throughout the play in his different soliloquies and while talking to Roderigo.
             Iago is in fact an honest and caring person who suddenly turned evil because he was so unhappy about the way his life was going. Things were not going his way: he did not make lieutenant, he was jealous of Othello and Cassio, and most of all honesty was getting him nowhere. Iago is not a complete villain, the crimes and murders that occurred could not have happened without the villain which was inside the other characters. Iago simply brought out jealousy, which the other characters already had, and therefore should not be blamed for the actions of the others. .
             Throughout Shakespear's Othello almost every character refers to Iago as an honest man while Iago cruelly lies and deceives one character after another. Othello says, "A man he is of honesty and trust" before letting Desdemona go with Iago to Cyprus[I. iii. 279]. Othello also says, "Iago is most honest."" when he is talking to Cassio [II.iii.7] Othello also says "This fellow's of exceeding honesty."" after Iago talks to him about Desdemonda's unfaithfulness[III.iii.258] Cassio says "Good night, honest Iago" before leaving after the fight [II. iii. 296]. Desdemona states "O, that's an honest fellow" after Emilia brings up that Iago is worried about Cassio's job.

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