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J.R.R. Tolkien

             Tolkien, the author of the classic book series The Lord of the Rings, was a very interesting and amazing person. Not only did he create a fictional world, he designed a language as well. I believe that Tolkien's writings are based on the very world that he lived in when he was a young child.
             During his childhood, Tolkien lived in a rural town in Great Brittan set amongst the green landscape and the rolling hills. Tolkien was one who enjoyed the landscape. He spent much of his time outside admiring the hills and the wilderness. Tolkien had the privilege of living in a middle-class family. The town that he lived in was full of easy going middle-class families. Meanwhile, the country was on the brink of war. Great Brittan had entered the war the end all wars, WWII. War and freedom was definitely a part of Tolkien's life. (P.B.S.).
             In the movie, Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, similarities from Tolkien's childhood are abundant. For instance, the town the Shire is very similar to Tolkien's homeland. It is set in the rolling hill and the green grass. The townspeople, hobbits, are easy going people who seem to all be living a happy life. In the movie, there is a castle with a tall tower where the "white wizard" lives. When Tolkien was a child, his best friend and him would wonder to a near by mill where they would watch a mill worker grind bones for fertilizer. When the worker was finished, he would be covered in a white dust. This is what inspired Tolkien's "white wizard". In the movie, a war is talking place over freedom. The white wizard is creating an army to take over the world. Disaster tends to be getting closer and closer to the Shire. When Tolkien was a child, the industry business was on the rise. Giant factories were taking over the land and looked to be getting closer and closer to Tolkien's homeland. The nation was also on the brink of the greatest war in history, WWII.

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