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             Justice is the underlining truth in the Republic of Plato. However the question is, is Plato's idea of a just society in fact the "truth-? Socrates spent a great deal of his life seeking out the "truth- and definitions of question that would universally answer the notion of right and wrong; virtuous and immoral; just and unjust. Even after his exhausted survey for absolute truth, he never was able to obtain an absolute answer. He could not find a single definition to the questions that are the basis of any civilized society's moral belief. His quest was abruptly ended because of an unjust decision by a supposedly just society. Now a serious predicament has emerged, and thus fuels the philosophical fury that Plato will unleash on the so-called just Athenian democratic system. Consequently, Plato takes the role of a political architect and orchestrates, in great detail, an accurately just political system. A system that claims to appropriately coordinate the human demographic to the point where it is perfectly objective. However, the ideal constitution Plato proposes to ward off the slide into democracy and despotism is fraught with theoretical problems that make it thoroughly unjust and virtually incapable of producing a flawlessly just and otherwise virtuous state comprised of happy individuals. On the other hand, democracy would not be much better, and has been proven, not only by Plato but also in history, to fall short of being a just political structure. .
             " justice admittedly means that a man should possess and concern himself with what properly belongs to him."" .
             " Suppose, for instance, someone whom nature designed to be an artisan or tradesman should be emboldened by some advantage, such as wealth or command of votes or bodily strength, to try to enter the order of fighting men; or some member of that order should aspire, beyond his merits, to a seat in the council-chamber of the Guardians.

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