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Academic Writing

            Academic Writing: My views and experience.
             In the following essay I will examine my experiences in writing, starting from how I learned to write my first words, furthermore how I wrote my first paper in school. In addition I will concentrate on the changes these papers experienced when I learned about structuring it and what the change of topics brought to it. The biggest part of this essay will be about my experiences in academic writing at university, and how radically these differ from writing papers in school. I will examine my experiences with term papers and essays, and especially the problems occurring in that. I will show that with some practice in writing I could minimize these problems, but nevertheless I still can't cope quite well with academic writing.
             I made my first experiences in writing in the first class of a secondary school. The very first day of school we got a school book called "Fibel", with which we learned to read and write small words containing three or four letters. We had to write capital letters in little boxes, the consonants were written already and we had to fill in the vowels. Step by step we learned how to write A, O, I, E and U. The first letters I wrote were O and A, like in "Oma" or "Mama".
             Later we still had to fill these little boxes, but they were forming sentences. .
             I can't really remember when I wrote my first sentence or a small text in school, but some years ago I discovered my old "Fibel", and between the pages I found a small sheet of paper. It was a letter I wrote when I was in the first class, a letter to one of my class mates whom I liked. This small text had a lot of grammatical mistakes and the hand writing was rather shaky. I laughed about and discovered how my handwriting has developed in a totally other way. .
             In the later classes at school I wrote papers about my holidays, which were about three or four pages of an exercise book, in handwriting.

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