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Thoughts on My Academic Writing Class

            Academic writing class was a challenging and a wonderful experience for me. Today, I feel I have improve lot in vocabulary, better spoken and written English than I had before starting this semester to be as easy as ABC. For me academic writing class like be as clear as mud because I do not eloquent in English writing. But now, its not a problem for me. Here, I made a huge transition in my learning process. Especially, I enjoyed reading articles. These articles broadened my knowledge as well as helped me in process of writing as I learned to accumulate evidence and exam from it. Relating all the readings and Housekeeping novel gave me the idea of analyzing. Mostly our classwork was based on group work. It was a learning process from each other. We went to different events and wrote responses on them. This helped us to know what exactly the event meant.
             Most of our assignments were analysis essays so this helped me learn that I must work on claiming what was my views about the topic. I also learned about type of essay so that was really interesting which was new to me. I learned how to analyze but I repeatedly made grammatical errors and I could not make my writing clear as I lacked vocabulary, well organized sentence structure and well developed paragraphs. I was confused about how to use quotations in my writing. However, all classwork was useful to take heart me more confident. Conference was a way to know oneself and have a relationship with the professor as we got some time to know about our weakness and advice to improve on our work.
             Likewise, revising technique was wonderful to learn. It helped me to make my essay in well organized order. But I could not produce better sentence structure and good revision as I lacked grammatical and sentence structure knowledge. I was stuck with what I had written. I had never revised my work before and I used to submit my works in handwriting rather than typing .

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