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Bronte, Charlotte

            Charlotte was influenced by her adulthood in her marriage. Nicholls proposed to Charlotte Bronte. However her father declined and did not let her marry him. Charlotte may have pitied him but she was not in love with him. Shortly after Nicholls proposed marriage he left for Haworth . Charlotte and Nicholls were married in June 1854. Her father refused to attend the service. They went on their honeymoon at Nicholls home in Ireland. When they returned she went to live with her father at the Parsonage. Charlotte's marriage was short. She became ill when she got pregnant. After a couple months of sickness she died on March 31, 1855. The last words she said was "We have been so happy" . Another example of her adulthood experiences is her novels. Charlotte wrote her first novel Jane Eyre in 1847 followed four other novels. There were many books written about her and her family. She was quite a known person. She published her book Villette, in 1952. She wrote many poems and some of them are: Apostasy, Evening Solace, Frances, The Letter, Life, Momentos, Passion, Presentiment, Regret, and The Wood . Charlotte also wrote a poem about her house called "Speak of the North! A Lonely Moor" The Final example of her adulthood experiences is death. In Sept. 1848, Branwell died probably due to his extremely heavy drinking. This was followed by Emily's death from consumption in Dec. 1848 and Anne's death was from the same disease in May 1849. In 1854 she caught pneumonia. It was an illness she could have cured but she chose not too. This gave her an opportunity to end her life. After a long and painful illness she probably died of dehydration .

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