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Jane Eyre

             Charlotte Bronte is the author of the novel Jane Eyre.
             narration to tell the life story of Jane Eyre. To the reader it sounds as if Bronte is telling .
             the novel about herself. In all actuality Jane Eyre is telling the novel. In many novels .
             authors portray their own life through their characters. Jane Eyre is not an exception. .
             Jane Eyre is an autobiography of charlotte Bronte.
             Charlotte Bronte's physical description is similar to Jane Eyre's. Bronte is small, .
             thin, has a poor complexion, and curls (charlotte Bronte, 1). Jane is exactly like that. "I .
             sometimes wished to have rosy cheeks, a straight nose, and small cherry mouth; I .
             desired to be tall, stately, and finely developed in figure; I felt it a misfortune that I was .
             so little, so pale, and had features so irregular and so marked (Jane Eyre, 100)." There .
             is an obvious similarity between Bronte and Jane. There are some more similarities .
             with Bronte's home life and as with Jane. " my father had been a poor clergyman .
             (Jane Eyre, 25)." Jane's father is a clergyman along with Bronte's father. Bronte's .
             father is an Anglican clergyman (Bronte, 1). She also grew up in near-isolation. .
             Jane does not have any parents because they passed away. Therefore she .
             goes and lives with her aunt in isolation. " I was a discord in Gateshead hall; I was like .
             a nobody there (Jane Eyre, 15)." Jane does not have anyone to love her at Gateshead. .
             Bronte's mother passed away and she was left to live with her two sisters and her .
             brother. Her father took care of them along with their "strict, religious aunt (charlotte .
             Bronte, 1)." Jane Eyre goes to live with her aunt who punishes her frequently. Jane's .
             aunt, Mrs. Reed, is extremely cold hearted. Bronte's life was unhappy also (1). Jane is .
             unhappy at Gateshead. Bronte was showing her childhood life through Jane. Jane is a .
             young Charlotte Bronte. .
             Not only are their home lives similar, Jane is also sent to Lowood institution.

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