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Jane Eyre

            The book Jane Eyre is a moral tale based on the art of society, characters, and situations of the tale. Charlotte Brontes= writing style is based on the passion, alienation, isolation, and deeply felt emotions of the heroine-narrator. Bronte=s work was very similar to her own lifestyle. Jane Eyre brought a new kind of heroine to life; a woman of intellect and passion (Magill 2976-2979).
             Feminine emotions were pointed to Jane Eyre, but found in Rochester (Magill 420). AA passionate directness characterizes Jane=s narration@(Browstein 420). The romance builds up after flees Thornfield and Rochester and gets put out a Whitcross because she used up her fair (Magill 420). Jane was a heroine who refused to be put in a position of a traditional woman; she makes her own ideas and stands up for her rights (Magill 2978). Another passionate but yet a symbolic moment was when the chestnut was split in two, which was the night that Jane accepted Rochester=s marriage proposal; showing the burst of their beautiful relationship (Magill 2980).
             Jane relies on herself to work out her own destiny. She does this by doing it alone in an environment which is totally hostile and chaotic to her. She feels this way because of one man=s evil nature (Blom 87). One of her difficult choices is refusing to become Rochester=s mistress. The decision is difficult because she has no family, friends, or anybody to give their approval or disapproval. No one would be more hurt in this decision but herself. It=s because of her own self love that helps her refuse Rochester=s proposal (Brownstein 420).
             At Gateshead Hall, Jane knows for ten years how it feels to be isolated, neglected, and abused since she is an orphan. Jane, like Charlotte Bronte, has no family, so she keeps herself isolated from others. She is that way for ten years, until she leaves Gateshead Hall and goes to Lowood (Magill 2976). Jane has to face her problems alone.

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