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Jane Eyre

             Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a book that needs to be read. This book portrays the hardships and responsibilities that the world can bring at anytime. It also portrays the courage and self-esteem needed to overcome them.
             Charlotte Bronte was born in Thornton, Yorshire. She was the third of six children. When she was five years old her mother died. Her, her five sisters, and her brother were cared for and raised by her aunt, before her two eldest sisters died in 1825. Charlette studied at Miss Wooler's School at Roehead in 1831 and 1832. She finally found love in a man and in her writing. In 1847 Jane Eyre was published. Jane Eyre was not just a book, it was almost a biography of the author Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte had to overcome a lot of situations just like Jane did. They were both sent off to schools to get educations. They both dealt with all the problems and found something they loved.
             Jane Eyre is and orphan who is deprived of her childhood. She has no confidence in herself because she is raised by her aunt who does not love her. From there she is sent to Logwood School as an act of punishment. The only punishment about the school was her run-ins with Mr. Broklehurts. If it wasn't for him Logwood School would have been a great place because that is where she became well educated. She then leaves school and becomes a governess to the ward of Mr. Rochester. At first Jane and Mr. Rochester don't see eye to eye, but then Jane starts to fall in love with him. Mr. Rochester is still uncertain about Jane and starts to see Blanche Ingham, who is a very wealthy and beautiful woman. Jane wants Mr. Rochester so bad, but Blanche is just another obstacle that Jane has to overcome. Mr. Rochester finally sees the mysterious and loving woman Jane is and proposes. As soon as Jane thinks that everything is perfect, something else goes wrong. After all of this drama, and after everything is perfect, Jane meets Bertha Mason.

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